Principal, Dr. D Lakshmi Prasanna
Principal, Dr. D Lakshmi Prasanna


     In present day scenario the meaning of education has changed to a great extent as it is considered not only a one way process but both the teacher and taught contribute equally. The monotony has become obsolete in this system and activities have taken its place. At SNBP, we have Activity Based Learning which prepares our students to meet the ever changing needs and demands of the society. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is the philosophy behind our pattern of working. It is obvious that students who learn by play way method and by doing activities, learn better and have more retention. Ultimately these children are going to face the outside world after passing their school, that too without their teachers standing by their side.

    With the development of modern technology and its influence in the field of education , the teaching and learning process has become very challenging. The onus lies on the academicians and facilitators to make this process effective and that's why we have tried to implement Interactive Smart Class and RFID in our schools. The students are encouraged to participate whole heartedly in the various assignments and events. The emphasis is given on the development of moral values and this value system serves as the backbone of a strong nation.

     Great care is taken to understand the individual needs of children and the young minds are trained accordingly. Just as a sculptor works on a piece of art and puts his heart & soul in it to prove it the best creation, similarly teachers mould the lives of their students to make them best and successful human beings.

     Our wish is that every child gets an access to education and it is a privilege to work for this cause because it is the education that unfolds what is
already enfolded in the germ.


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