Admission 2018- 2019
Admission 2018- 2019


1. The institute believes in offering equal opportunity to all students and as such, there are no interview or elimination rounds, for admission to any class, till grade 1.

2. The Principal has the absolute right to admit or deny admission, to any child, based either on random selection or merit, as per the decision of the management. The decision of the Principal, will be final and binding on the parents.

3. Parents are requested to note, that there is total transparency in the admission system & the management does not believe in any reservation or quota for admission.

4. Age criteria for admission to various classes are given here as under and any request for relaxation in age, will not be entertained.

 As on 31st Mar'14 the child should be for 
     Nursery           :            2 ½ years complete
     Jr. Kg.              :            3½ years complete
     Sr. Kg.              :           4½ years complete
     Std I                  :           5½ years complete
     Std II & above : based on the promotion from previous class.

5. All admission will be treated as provisional admission, till the receipt of the Leaving certificate / Transfer certificate, from the previous school and the last date for the submission of the same. is 30th June. In case, the T.C. is not received within the stipulated time, the management has the right to revoke the admission.

6. A child coming from another district and state must produce a certificate counter signed by the Educational Inspector of the area in the state.

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