Spacious Classroom 
Bright, spacious classrooms provide our students a conducive environment for learning. Classrooms have ample space for students to enjoy and utilize the knowledge that they have attained. The classrooms are also well ventilated and lighted up.
Well equipped Computer room
The school has 2 computer labs both are connected through LAN. The students are exposed to hands-on experience on computer. The LAN connectivity allows knowledge sharing in a easy way for both the students and the teachers. The school has Internet connection from BSNL & Reliance.
A library is a knowledge hub of any school. The school has a well furnished & well stocked library with a treasure of books right from K.G. to P.G.
Smart Class technology has been adapted by the school for E-learning as it provides tools and contents for inter-active & self-paced learning by students as well as it acts as teaching aid for teachers. Educomp provides different modules for the various subjects and to this the teachers are also entitled to give in their own material as per requirement of the subjects / topic to be taught. This is a child friendly as well as user friendly concept which enables the students to grasp the concepts readily and with ease.
ERP Facility
It has been introduced by the school through Tezkids Is a comprehensive software that covers the entire gamut of campus and off-campus activities in the school. Its managing the administrative, financial and academic functions of the institutes, It provides a web based online platform for sharing information between all the stakeholders, viz. Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators and the Management.
School-Bus Services
The school provides bus service in the radius of 5-7 Km. There are in all 15 bus routes and every bus has an attendant.