What Is CCE ?

 The CCE Or Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme Refers To A School-based Evaluation Of Students That Covers All The Aspects Of A Student’s Development.

 Continuous Means Regular Assessments, Frequency Of Unit Testing, Analysis Of Learning Gaps, Applying Corrective Measures, Retesting And Giving Feedback To Teachers And Students For Their Self-evaluation, Etc.

 Comprehensive On The Other Hand Attempts To Cover Both The Scholastic And The Co-scholastic Aspects Of A Student’s Growth And Development — With Both These Aspects Of The Evaluation Process Being Assessed Through Formative And Summative Assessments

  Salient Features Of CCE-

  * No Marks                        

  * Graded Report Cards

  * Only Grades                      

  * Skill Based Evaluation   

  * No Detention Till Std 7


Secondary School Curriculum 2017-18: Main Subjects/ Volume - I

Secondary School Curriculum 2017-18: Languages/ Volume - II