SNBP Students Record Their First Play in All India Radio (Akashvani Pune)

SNBP Students Record Their First Play in All India Radio (Akashvani Pune)

Chris Grosser rightly said that “opportunities don’t happen, they are created”

SNBP Institute in Pune, Maharashtra, on April 18th, 2019, the students of SNBP Morwadi Branch, personified this statement by recording their first ever 25 minutes play in Pune Akashvani (All India Radio). The play was titled “Mrutyunjay Prabhu Yeshu Christ” and had 3 songs as well. The play was specially prepared for the Good Friday and Easter; hence the play topic was about the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Too many talented personalities contributed to the play   

A successful project can never be done by a single individual; an entire team is required for it. Similar was the case with this play. Apart from the students’, there were others as well that acted as the best team members making it one of the best plays that the radio station ever recorded.

Mr. Atul Ghatge (Kolhapur) wrote the play story; while the beautiful songs were penned by Prof. Jayantkumar Tribhuvan, Mr. Raman Ranadive, and Devdatt N. Tilak. The music teachers at SNBP’s Morwadi branch seamlessly set the story. Talented people like Sumeet Khilare, Vijay Avale, and Jayantkumar Tribhuvan composed the songs for this play. The entire teamwork turned out exceptionally well and was well reflected in the final play.

Radio Channel Partner - The play to be broadcasted on 20th April 2019 on Akashvani Pune
792 KHz at 2:30 PM

Thanks to the initiative taken by Mr. Vijay Avale, a Grade Artist (vocals) at Pune Akashvani, the SNBP students were able to participate and complete the recording on time. The play will be broadcasted on 792 KHz band at 2:30 PM on 20th April, 2019. The contribution by Mr. Pankaj Bhavsar (Tabla teacher) and Mr. Tushar Rithe & Mr. Harshad Rathi (guitar teachers) is also much appreciated. SNBPians have always brought us great pride and glory, and this play is yet another achievement of our talented students.

Make sure you stay tuned on the 792 KHz channel at 2:30 PM on 20th April 2019. The performance by SNBPians will surely blow you away and make you feel proud.



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